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What is Butter Inc. about? 

Public Relations

Butter Inc. is here to better serve the community and provide his services to those in need. His dream is to make sure that everyone is heard and their voice is listened to.   Butter Inc. is Saint Louis based and takes pride in his work.  He is a family man that reaches out to others in the community raising his network of friends. 

 Butter Inc. strives through personal growth and self development to better understand the needs of his clients.  The objective of Butter Inc. is to empower YOU to reach out and be heard. 


Religious Ceremonies

Butter Inc. has transformed the meaning of being ordained. He makes it fun and energetic, almost like a white Al Sharpton.  For not showing his religious views often, Butter Inc. has come out of his shell.  When the opportunity showed itself, Butter Inc. took that next step into understanding that everyone is equal. 

Butter Inc. believes in freedom, religious freedom.  He does not judge based on who you pray to.  Butter Inc. believes you can chose what is right for you.  The individual lives their own life and chooses the path through this world that suits them. 







In no way is Butter Inc., this website, or anyone else responsible for any increase in popularity or public exposure. Butter Inc. makes no claims that he can make everyone heard. If you are mute, even Butter Inc. can not make your voice heard. Please be advised that Butter Inc. and its affiliates are everyday normal people that have everyday normal jobs.


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